Victorian Fusee Dial Clock with Interesting History

REF: 230380


A mahogany fusee 12 inch dial clock, made for the London County Council in its formative years. It was made by W. Sainsbury of Windsor Street, Essex Road, London and is unusually date 20th April 1896.(see images). It has a traditional mahogany pegged case, brass bezel with a bottom door with brass securing mounts. The 8 day chain fusee movement has maintaining power to prevent over winding.

By the 19th century the City of London Corporation covered only a small fraction of metropolitan London. From 1855 the Metropolitan Board of Works (MBW) had certain powers across the metropolis, but it was appointed rather than elected. Many powers remained in the hands of traditional bodies such as parishes and the counties of Middlesex, Surrey and Kent. The creation of the LCC in 1889, as part of the Local Government Act 1888, was forced by a succession of scandals involving the MBW, and was also prompted by a general desire to create a competent government for the city, capable of strategising and delivering services effectively. While the Conservative government of the day would have preferred not to create a single body covering the whole of London, their electoral pact with Liberal Unionists led them to this policy. It was established as a provisional council on 31 January 1889 and came into its powers on 21 March 1889. Shortly after its creation a Royal Commission on the Amalgamation of the City and County of London considered the means for amalgamation with the City of London. Although this was not achieved, it led to the creation of 28 metropolitan boroughs as lower tier authorities to replace the various local vestries and boards in 1900; they assumed some powers of the LCC and shared others.

  • Depth 15 cm / 6"
  • Diameter 38 cm / 15 "


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  • Year 1896
  • Country England
  • Condition The case has been re-polished, the movement has been fully serviced in our own workshops and is guaranteed for 12 months.